Great ideas, brought to life with technology. Bringing cutting edge technology and growth hacking techniques to the STARTUPS.


Sometimes we invent and sometimes we help accelerate the invention.

Giving you an unfair advantage over your competitors every day, 24x7, 365 days!

Product Market Fit

Advice on various Growth Hacking techniques to identify your market potential as early as possible.

Free Consultation

We can put at your disposal the knowledge of web marketing, development & growth hacking acquired through years of study and adapt them to your business ideas.

Micorservices & Evolutionary Architecture

We can help you evaluate and implement micorservices & evolutionary architecture approaches


We are building suit of products which help startups to increase lead generation & customer retention.

Continuous Delivery

Deliver your software to your customers multiple times every day. Implementing lean principles for software delivery which helps to learn (or) fail fast.


Bridging the communication and collaboration between product management, software development, and systems engineering.

Improving dozens of products across the globe!

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At Your Service

Technology Roadmap

We help you define your technology roadmap for new business strategies

Scalable & Adaptive

Scalable and adaptive software which fits highly competitive land scape

Technical Assessment

Assess technical robustness of existing solutions


Helping developers to upgrade their technology skills

We new friends!